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OR turning your WhatsApp status into a waist bead 

My Fellow Business Owner,

Are you still begging your friends and family to buy your products or services?


You have updated your WhatsApp status with your products your status is now looking like a waist bead


You have spent hours posting your products in comment sections on Facebook, Instagram, and others.


And even after begging and turning your WhatsApp status into a waist bead, you hardly make one sale in a month


Even when your friends or family members buy from you, they end up pricing your products low that you end up selling at a loss to them


You see I used to do all these things until I discovered some secrets that I want to share with you, secrets that took my business from begging for sales to making millions in sales w without begging anyone to buy


But first…You need to understand something that…


Sales is the lifeblood of any business!


If you are not making sales  and I mean consistent, daily sales then that business will soon be in trouble




There is a way to get sales for your business every day even on Sunday

A way to stop begging family and friends to buy your product and start selling hundreds of your products to strangers


Before, I reveal these secret methods that have generated millions of naira worth of sales of different types of products for me

There are some things you need to know… 

Who Am I To Share This With You?

I want you to search on Facebook for the name ” Friday Williams“. Go to the profile that has the profile picture that looks like me and go through the profile, then check the comment section and ask those who commented this very important question “Who is Friday Williams

But if you don’t want to do that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Friday Williams, some call me the Odogwu of Ecommerce but you can call me Friday.

I started E-commerce in 2019 after slaving for years as a sound engineer who earned peanuts and worked long hours even traveling at night but with little to nothing to show.

E-commerce changed my life but when I started, I struggled with selling the products I imported from China.

Sometimes, I ended up giving out the product at a loss!


Everything changed when I mastered Facebook ads. When I learned how to run profitable ads that earned me millions of naira in sales 

And those secret methods that I have used since 2019 are what I want to show you step by step so you can also start getting daily sales in your business with Facebook ads!

What if I told you you could generate at least N1 million per month for your business, even in these tough economic times? just like me

And I did it without begging my family and friends to buy or post on my WhatsApp status

Instead, I did it by selling to total strangers, people I don’t know, have never or will ever meet

But they were able to pay me good money for my products

And I was able to make these sales because of my secret, time tested and proven Facebook Ads Methods that will show you how to use adverts on Facebook to sell hundreds of your products with ease 

And make millions of naira in sales and profits!

So whether you sell shoes, bags, etc.


You are a real estate agent, you’re able to sell more plots of land, and houses and earn more commission than you ever did before


You are a network marketer, you’re able to get more downlines into your team, sell more products, and rise the ladder

It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer, you will learn step-by-step and proven methods that you can sue to sell more and make more money using Facebook adverts!


These are what business owners like you are saying about me & my secret methods…

Introducing my time-tested and proven step-by-step methods you can use to setup and launch Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign that generate massive sales and quality leads

In this course, you will learn step by step how to set up and manage Facebook ads that will bring you millions of naira in sales and generate quality leads and clients if you are a service provider.

These are not tips and hacks…These are my personal secret Facebook Ads methods that is have use to make millions of naira in sales and grown my Ecommerce business to a 7-figure business 

After spending money to test and record massive results from these methods, I have carefully documented them step by step so that you can easily follow to get even better results than me.

And it deosn’t matter if you are a;

Business owner,  eCommerce entrepreneur, Info marketer, Dropshipper that wants to get new customers and make daily sales

Service Provider that wants to get more clients

Affiliate Marketer, Realtor, Network Marketer, Sales Person: Looking to generate Quality Leads

After going through this course, you’ll be to structure your campaigns, research and target the right audience, and also learn how to create effective ads


You will no longer waste your money on Facebook to get low-quality traffic that does not convert into sales


No need to buy another Facebook course, try tips like “secret targeting techniques” to the “high converting ad copy” with very few results to show for it.

here is what you will be able to do when you get these secret methods

✅Launch profitable campaigns that instantly generate lots of sales for your business

✅Constantly generate high-quality leads and clients for your business

✅Sell out your products by reaching people who want and are willing to pay for your products


Here's Exactly What You Get When You Enroll Today







But that's not will also get these bonuses WORTH N50, 000 for FREE

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this will change your business forever...

this is not just me hyping myself or bragging…just see what more people have been saying about me

No matter if you’re just starting or an expert in Facebook advertising, the Facebook Ads Course offers a wealth of knowledge for all levels.

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Despite the frequent updates to Facebook’s algorithms, the course modules are regularly refreshed, and you’ll receive these updates for life.

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